Do-It-Yourself Home Building

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Personal Design Choices

Building a home instead of buying it comes with many options. Design choices such as building materials and room size are only a few of...

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Time to Get Help

The dream of owning a home has attracted many people, and those who are willing to put in the work have often decided to purchase...

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Repairing an Old House

There are plenty of houses out there that have suffered from neglect, but they come at a much lower price than their neighbors. They are...

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Finding and Preparing the Site

Hunting for a site to build a new home can be an adventure. It is best to first decide how large the house will be...

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Personalized Landscaping

Different people will have a variety of design choices for the land around their home. Some will want a large driveway if many of the...

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Check the Fine Print

Buying a house or a lot for building can be the biggest investment a person makes in their lifetime, so they should check the fine...

As prices rise in the real estate market, many people have seen a home of their own go out of reach. A mortgage may be possible, but there will be no money left over after it is paid. While some people are happy enough to stay home all the time, many want to be able to go out with friends and family. Rather than be house poor, they have come up with a variety of housing solutions. Some people have decided to buy a tiny home to save money. Others invest in homes with friends or family members.

People that want a normal size house all to themselves have found several solutions. Some will hunt around until they find a house that needs repairs and updating. They can pay a lower cost up front and remodel the home over several years. Some people believe this is too difficult and expensive. They simply buy a piece of land and build their own home.