Home Improvement

Finding and Preparing the Site

Hunting for a site to build a new home can be an adventure. It is best to first decide how large the house will be and how much land is needed. This amount of land must also include future uses such as a giant patio or a pool with a deck. If a large garden is desired, there must be enough space for it. All of these items should be written on a list with the amount of ground space they will need. Tallying the amount will tell the site seeker how much land is really necessary for their dream home.

Wooded lots are often sought by home buyers and builders. They are beautiful to look at and appeal to those that seek privacy. These lots are much more expensive and that cost needs to be factored in. Compromising by purchasing a lot with fewer trees and planting more or growing hedges might be a cost saving option.

After the site has been found, it must be prepared for building. If it is hilly, it may need to be leveled. The ground must also be firm enough to hold the foundation, home and paving. Filling might need to be added for drainage or leveling. Silica sand is an excellent option for both of these needs although some drainage areas might look nicer using small rocks.

After the ground has been leveled, the foundation must be dug out and formed. This is usually done by sub-contractors using large machinery. The concrete is often mixed at a commercial center and trucked to the site. The concrete provider will discuss the mixture with the builder. It will be comprised of Portland cement, small stones as an aggregate, silica sand for filler and water. Different proportions of these elements will customize the type of concrete needed for the proper foundation.